Survived another birthday

Okay, it's the day after my birthday and I don't feel appreciably older... hmmm.  I guess that's a good thing.  Besides, the sun is shining in Seattle and it's 57 degrees in Feb.  Crazy.  

Had a great birthday bash at the Triple Door last Sun, what fun!  My pals Vickie Shaw and Roxanna flew in for the night, and much laughter ensued!  Other friends at the Bash-- Peggy Platt, DJ Gommels, Michael Oaks, Jen Todd, Mel Watson, Linda Severt, my brother David, and a special visit from Scott Warrender.  Really, really wonderful night.  The Colonel and Shenille showed up to sing a few songs about Seattle transit, and we held a "sing off" between the Sequim Gay Men's Chorus (Lisa, Peg, DJ and Michael) and the Barstow Gay Men's Chorus (Lisa, Rox and Vickie).  The BGMC kicked booty and won by audience applause-- yeeeeaaaahh!  Anyway, lots of great music, big laughs and wonderful friends.  Dave and I sang a song from our 70's duo past (Without You by Harry Nilsson), and I got chills singing with him again.  Pretty cool.  We closed the evening with Jen Todd's rendition of "In the Name of Love" (U2)-- what a great way to end, and I got to play bass (which I love so much).  A lovely, lovely night.

I am immersed right now putting together a new one-woman show for the Seattle Solo Performance Festival (coming up in March).  It's called "Demonstrate the Place of My Abode" and it's stories about my dad.  I need to write about him.  So.. gotta get back to work.  

That's the latest, I'll check back soon-- Lisa

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