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Covid Tunes...

Still COVID-Land, but things are mostly maskless and opening up. Some in-person gigs now, but still slow. I've been doing concerts from the couch for the last 2 years, they're all here for your viewing pleasure. Pandemic tunes, sing-alongs, parodies, ballads, and of course... requests!  So far, I've written 25+ topical pandemic medleys, one Neil Diamond parody, "The Face Mask Song",  "She's A Karen", "Take a Knee for Justice", "It's the End of 2020 as We Know It", and love songs to Dr. Fauci and Kamala.  Better than therapy.

"The Pandemic Medley" (below at bottom, and in 3/23 show, starts at 4:40)

"The Face Mask Song" (at top, also in 4/20 show, starts at 12:28)

"Pandemic 2: Trapped At Home" (4/8 show, starts at 5:33)

"Pandemic 3: Quarantine Together" (4/20 show, starts at 9:55)

"Pandemic 4" (5/7 show, starts at 4:27). 

"Covid-19 (Big Ol' Plague" (5/20 show, starts at 6:26)

"Pandemic 5" (5/20 show, starts at 11:26)

"She's A Karen" (6/30 show, starts at 7:27- also 7/29 show, 28:36)

"Take a Knee For Justice" (6/9 show, starts at 10:02- also 6/30 show, 21:25)

"Cognitive Tests-Dr. Fauci Medley" (7/29 show, starts at 10:05)

"Kamala Medley" (9/1 show, starts at 22:00)

"Taxes-Con-Big Fat Liar Medley" (9/29 show, starts at 12:08)

"Monster Mash/Stock Market" (10/29 show, starts at 9:50)

"Election Medley" (10/29 show, starts at 12:30) 

"Post-Election Medley" (12/2 show, starts at 11:58)

"It's the End of 2020 As We Know It"(12/2 show, starts at 31:52)

"Birthday Bash Medley" (2/4/21 show, starts at 4:00)

Vaccine Medley (3/7/21 show, starts at 9:54)

"Fully Vaccinated" starts at 2:09, "Dad Medley" starts at 4:05 (both 4/8/21 show)

"Current Events Medley" starts at 11:16 (5/16/21 show)

"Vaccine Rant & Heat Dome Song" - starts at 17:07 (8/15/21 show)

"The Pissed Off Medley" - starts at 10:30 (9/19/21 show)

"The (Hallo)Weenie Medley" - starts at 12:25 (10/31/21 show).

"The Current Events Rant" - starts at 23:41 (10/31/21 show).

"What A Turkey" Medley - starts at 16:51 (11/28/21 show).

"Omicron/All I Want For Xmas" Medley starts at 9:27 (12/20/21 show).

"Birthday/Current Events Medley" -starts at 9:52 (1/30/22 show).

"Putin/Current Events Medley" - starts at 10:53 (3/16/22 show)

"Insurrection/Current Events Medley"- starts at 14:30 (6/19/22 show)

"Catch Up Medley" - starts at 28:00 (9/11/22 show)

 COVID is still out there and folks in the Arts are slowly getting back to work after 2.5 years. So many gig workers continue to be underemployed, including yours truly.  So if you like what you hear, and only if you have the means-- my tip jar is just a click away :-).  Stay safe!

The Pandemic Medley (from March 2020)

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