Lisa's Stay-At-Home Concerts

Covid Tunes...

As we shelter in place, I'm singing live from my living room - pandemic tunes, sing-alongs, parodies, ballads, and of course... requests!  So far, I've written 5 topical medleys and one Neil Diamond parody.  Better than therapy.

"The Pandemic Medley" (below at bottom, and in 3/23 show, starts at 4:40)

"The Face Mask Song" (at top, also in 4/20 show, starts at 12:28)

"Pandemic 2: Trapped At Home" (4/8 show, starts at 5:33)

"Pandemic 3: Quarantine Together" (4/20 show, starts at 9:55)

"Pandemic 4" (5/7 show, starts at 4:27). 

"Covid-19 (Big Ol' Plague" (5/20 show, starts at 6:26)

"Pandemic 5" (5/20 show, starts at 11:26)

It's a surreal, scary time for all of us, and so many gig workers are now unemployed, including yours truly.  So if you like what you hear, and only if you have the means-- my tip jar is just a click away :-).  Stay safe!

The Pandemic Medley

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