Pandemic Password - Final Show! Mon 6-21-21 (Thanks for watching, everybody!)

PANDEMIC PASSWORD! Hosted by Jennie McNulty & Sister Mary Agnes (Lisa Koch)

Guests for 6/21 Show: Karen Williams, Mimi Gonzalez, Suzanne Westenhoefer & Vickie Shaw

Final PP, Pride Edition!  After 14 months, Pandemic Password is finally saying "see ya!" We've had a great time, thanks to all our funny friends/contestants, and big thanks to everybody watching - it was a great pandemic distraction for all of us.  Now go out and support live events, yeeeeeaaaahhh!

Sister Mary Agnes Labia (aka Lisa Koch) and Jennie McNulty host a group of celebrity comics in a wacky and slightly inappropriate live game show.  Games like: Password, For Realz or Fake News, Best Next Line, and the Lightning Round of Ridiculousness.

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