Show Me the Way to Go Home

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Seattle actor/musician Lisa Koch in her one-woman piece, "Demonstrate the Place of My Abode (Show Me the Way to Go Home)." "Abode" is an intimate look at her funny father, the music he inspired, and a candid glimpse into Death With Dignity. Combining music, comedy, recollections, and a photo montage of her family, "Abode" is a touching and humorous tribute to a father and his courageous end-of-life choices.  (Full show, 55 minutes)


"Lisa Koch's winning "Demonstrate the Place of My Abode" has a most compelling character at its center.  The noted local musician-comedian pays poignant tribute here to her late, lovable father — an Ashland, Ore., grade-school teacher, a connoisseur of bad jokes and good music. Employing family photos, and snatches of singalong folk tunes, the homage is sweet, heartwarming.  But Koch has a larger purpose in telling her dad's story: confirming the value of Oregon's Death with Dignity program (a similar one has been adopted by Washington state).  The practical and legal difficulties of the Oregon law, which allows gravely ill patients the option to end their own lives, are personalized here. And the gentle, non-polemical case Koch makes, from her own family's experience, is compelling.  "Demonstrate the Place of My Abode" is ultimately more about living than dying. It's the kind of solo theater that makes you say: "Please, do share."  -- Misha Berson, Seattle Times theater critic
"A group of us from Compassion & Choices of Washington saw, and were deeply moved by, Lisa Koch's show, "Demonstrate the Place of my Abode."   It's an absolute home run.  It's a thoughtful, moving, accurate, funny and very musical one-woman show.  It provides a window into her world and her experience with the death of her father, an extraordinary man who died using the Oregon Death With Dignity Act.  The show entertains at the same time it educates about the law, and Lisa is a consummate performer and a fine musician.  It's a must-see...."  -- Robb Miller, Executive Director, Compassion and Choices Washington
"I caught Lisa’s new show earlier this week and can’t stop thinking about it.  It’s a beautiful, loving tribute and a frank look at helping those you love through death.  I honestly feel transformed and think it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen.  She’s put everything she has into it, and we can all relate to her story.  This is a poignant story about courage, love and laughter.  I can't recommend it highly enough, and wish I possessed the eloquence to describe it justly..." -- Amanda Slepski, Board President, Theatre Off Jackson

Written and performed by Lisa Koch ©2010 Tongueinchic Productions, LLC