Snow in Seattle

It's almost Xmas, and we've got the white stuff here... 6+ inches yesterday, wow. Peggy Platt and I had a short 4-night run of "The Dos Fallopia Xmas Hour (and a half)" and managed to get through all 4 nights before the snow dumped on us! We had a marvelous little run, and were joined by the magnificent D.J. Gommels. Big fun. Had a great reunion with the Venus Envy girls Dec 9 at the Triple Door. What a fun concert, and such a blast to play with the Venutians again. It's only been 13 years, hey! Lynn and Ciara and I are gearing up for Xmas next week. Our sweet kitty, Abby Normal never came home after disappearing Nov 1, so it's been a sad holiday season without her. We miss her so much, sigh. I am grateful for my family, my friends, and I continue to be hopeful for our future. We're all gonna have to hang in there for awhile until things get better, but I do believe things WILL get better. Happy holidays to all of you... Love, Lisa

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