My one-woman show

In January, I was asked by my good friend Patti West if I wanted to be a part of the Seattle Solo Performance Festival.  I said, "sure"-- and then thought about what new material I wanted to create.  Since the death of my father March 2009, I had been wanting to write about sharing his last 2 months on earth.  It was a profound experience, and affected me deeply.  So... I wrote about my dad.  I started writing, and the words just came pouring out of me.  The result is a one-woman show, "Demonstrate the Place Of My Abode."  It's a salute to my funny father, the music he inspired, and a window into his experience with Death With Dignity.  Writing and performing this show has been utterly cathartic for me.  I don't know what the future holds for this story, but I'm glad I took it on.  It has moved me, inspired me, and changed me.  Thanks, Dad.

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