Ham for the Holidays: Lard Potion No. 9

Hey Everybody,

Happy Turkey Day, ahhhhh!

Our Xmas extravaganza opens in just a few hours-- "Ham for the Holidays: Lard Potion #9"-- we've been rehearsing like crazy for the past 3 weeks, and are very excited about the show.  It's another Dos Fallopia fun-fest.  Peg and I are joined by the very talented DJ Gommels and Michael Oaks.  This year's show was directed by my brother David, and we had a ton of fun with him.  Characters include:

The Colonel and Shenille, a tacky lounge band entertaining at the Tukwila Light Rail Station

The Sequim Gay Men's Chorus, small but mighty, and filled with Pride

"All in the Family Feud", pitting the Bunker Family (Archie, Edith and cousin Maude) against audience members

The angst-filled Slam Poet, reciting her original poetry

"Trailer Park's Got Talent", featuring mother-daughter singing duo, The Spudds (Euomi and Wynotta)

Anyway, I'm so proud of the show this year, and can't wait to see some audiences this weekend.  Come check it out for the holidays!  

I look forward to the show, and I also look forward to coming up for air after it closes! 

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