Fall is here!

Hi all, Gee, I guess I should journal more often, my birthday was loooong ago! I've been busy this year, and all is well. Had a reading of a new play I've co-written in NYC in Feb, and it went well-- the show ("27, Rue de Fleurus") will be produced in NY this coming Mar/Apr '08... watch for details on my website. I took a couple of great Olivia trips-- Amsterdam in April (took my mom, that was a hoot!) and Greece in June. I opened for my friend Barbara Higbie at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley (live CD), and had fun in July with my pals Dana Goldberg, Julie Goldman, and Erin Foley in Albuquerque (SW Funnyfest). Peggy Platt and I (Dos Fallopia) spent 6 weeks in Indianapolis this summer, and we had a great run of our show "Desperate Spuddwives" at the Phoenix Theatre there. Now we're hard at work on our Xmas show, "Ham for the Holidays: Swine, Women and Song!", which will run the month of Dec in Seattle. I have a few more Olivia trips this year (Tahiti, Mexican Riviera, Vallarta Palace), so I'm a busy chick. Life is good! Hope you all had a marvelous summer! That's all for now-- Lisa

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