Happy New Year! Praying that 2022 is not as sucky as 2021. And 2020.

Happy New Year to all! 2022 tomorrow, whew. COVID, COVID, COVID. Soooooooo tired of COVID. Aren't we all.  I am hopeful that we'll get back to live gigs, live music, live theatre, live dance, live entertainment.  I took a quick trip to NYC in Oct with niece Quincy to see some Broadway shows right after Broadway opened back up.  It was SO emotional sitting in my seat and feeling the excitement when the show began-- excitement for all, performers and audience.  I've done only a handful of live gigs since the pandemic shit hit the fan. Those were lovely and again, quite emotional.  The audience was starved for interaction, and so was I.  Now yet another variant is wreaking havoc, and I am crossing my fingers that my upcoming gigs (Birthday Bash included) don't get canceled.  All we can do is try and stay positive, do what we need to do (vax, boost, mask up, think of others, be a good citizen of the earth), and find humor and beauty and music where we can. Hang in there, cherish every day with gratitude.  Lots of love and hope, Lisa

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