Fly high, my twin sister of a different cul-de-sac....


I am numb. Processing the sudden loss of Peggy Platt, my dear friend, comedy partner, feminist sister and firebrand. Together as Dos Fallopia, we survived and thrived as a comedy duo for 28 years. Not together quite as long as The Rolling Stones, but damn close. We were like fire and ice, drove each other crazy, and somehow... it worked. I have never laughed harder with anyone, and I cherish our years onstage and off. I loved, loved, loved writing with you. We cranked out a lot of scripts over the years, and we were proud of most of them. We spent a lot of time onstage in weird wigs and costumes, and when we were on... boy, were we ever on. We were unabashedly feminist, political, and pushed the envelope of comedy. I am damn proud of our work together. I will miss you terribly, old friend. There is a huge hole in my heart, and the masses are grieving your loss. As it should be. You were one of a kind, Peg-- and I was lucky to be connected to you all these years. Fly high, Pegster. I love you. Safe journey, and I'll see you on the other side.

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