Wet spring in Seattle and a new CD...

Rainy in Seattle, and almost April.  Holy crap, how time flies now that I'm the big 6-Oh.  2017 started out with a bang.   I took an Olivia trip to Panama-Costa Rica, then Lynn and went to the Women's March on Washington in DC, the day after Cheeto took office.  Half a million of us showed up to march-- women, men, kids, young, old. It was very inspirational, after the horror and depression following the election.  Then we came back to celebrate my Big Ass Birthday Bash at the Triple Door (with Roxanna Ward, Vickie Shaw, Barbara Higbie, brother Dave, niece Quincy and lots of other wonderful folks).  Big fun, lots of friends and family in town.  It was a great way to ring in a new decade.

Then I was lucky enough to go on a Baja exploration cruise in the Sea of Cortez, and it was just exploding with life.  We saw a super pod of dolphins, blue whales, humpback whales, pelicans, snorkeled with sea lion pups-- but the most awesome moment was when I got to actually touch a baby grey whale in Magdalena Bay.  The grey whales are friendly and curious, and the mother whales let their babies come up to the small boats sometimes.  We were sitting watching another whale, and suddenly a baby came up to the side of the boat for a look.  She rubbed the side of the boat, and a couple of us rubbed /petted her head.  Then she rolled over like a puppy, and I patted her belly.  She stayed with us maybe 5 minutes, then split when mom called.  After the baby left, we all wept.  Just an amazing experience that I will never forget.

I'm finally recording my 5th solo CD, "Enjoy the Ride" (after 10 years!).  I started late October, and just finished mastering last week. It should be out early May, and I have a CD release party scheduled Wed June 14.  It's a mix of originals and covers, and I'm proud of it.  The title song was written with my dad in mind, and I'm so glad it's recorded.  It's about feeling gratitude, and living every moment like it's your last.  8 years since Dad passed, that's crazy. 

So now if the sun could just come out for a bit here, all would be perfect... CD is on the way, Cagney and Lacey still rule the roost, Lynn is settled into her new office, and life is good.

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