Fall is finally here

It finally feels like Fall here in Seattle.  We had an amazing summer and lovely Indian summer, but the temperatures are finally dropping a bit, and the rain has come.  Days are shorter, and that autumn smell is in the air.  I love the Fall.  It's all about change.  

I'm gearing up for my Xmas show, "Ham for the Holidays: Fear the Bacon", so I've got to put my producer hat on. Still have a few more songs to write, but the script is looking pretty fun this year.  I've been really really busy this year, which is great-- but where the heck does the time go?  I truly think time passes more quickly the older we grow.  When I was a kid, a day seemed to last a week.  Summer was endless.  And the last week of school before vacation passed so slowly I could have sworn it was a month.  Now, in my 50's, a whole year flies literally flies by. It makes me realize I need to be grateful for every day, stop and smell the roses, stop and look at the sunset and the Sound and this amazing place I live, and then to live every day fully, live every day like it's my last.  Right now I have a kitty on my lap, the rain is coming down, and I couldn't be more content.  Thank you for my life, exactly as it is.  So much gratitude. Hello, Fall.

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