2014 so far...

Busy, busy, busy! I can't believe that it's nearly June.  How does the time fly by so damn fast any more? Beats me. After a fabulous run of "Ham for the Holidays" last December at our new home at ACT, Lynn and I ran off to Hawaii for a few days in Jan (ahhh!).  Then back in early Feb for my quasi-annual Birthday Bash at the Triple Door (with my pals Roxanna Ward, Vickie Shaw, Larry Murante, Karyn Schwartz, Mel Watson (Jen Todd was sick, boo), David Koch, Peggy Platt and more.  What a great night!

In March, Lynn joined me for a trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, where I was a speaker for the We Move Forward Conference over International Women's Day weekend.  A great, empowering experience with a fab group of women. We met some amazing folks, and I'm invited again in March 2015!

Lynn joined me yet again in April for Olivia's Amsterdam to Basel Riverboat Cruise.  We had a blast. It was Lynn's first trip to Amsterdam, and we roamed the town.  Big fun, but no Coffeeshops for us (the cannabis kind).  The cruise was great, shared the entertainment duties with crazy woman Marga Gomez.  Funny, funny, funny that girl. A fab trip, and I took a few days post cruise to visit some German cousins.  

After a few days home, we took a quickie trip down to Oakland in May for our good friend Barbara Higbie's CD release party.  I was her opening act, in theory. The Tibetan monks bumped me, so I opened Act 2. Great show, Barbie is so freaking talented.

After writing songs for 2 big corporate gigs in March-April, I joined the Team in Minneapolis for a big event.  I got to be Magenta from Rocky Horror, a zombie version of Mylie Cyrus (older and with more clothing), a woman in a dayglo caftan, and a Tina Turner backup singer. It was a busy week.

Now I'm rehearsing with brother Dave for a reunion concert in our home town of Ashland OR.  We're trying to remember the songs, the lyrics, the chords.... it's bringing back some great memories.  I do love singing with my bro.

And that's where I am, May 22, 2014.  It's spring in Seattle, gorgeous.  I am one lucky woman.

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