2013, what th...?

Just got back from a great 2 weeks on Olivia's 40th anniversary cruises.  Got to laugh, sing, and jam with my funny and talented pals.  Highlight:  meeting tennis great Billie Jean King, whoo hoo!  Getting all the performers, staff and guests together to celebrate was pretty darned moving, I must say.  I had a hell of a good time.  I had an especially great time with my pals Roxanna Ward and Vickie Shaw. I laugh so hard, milk shoots out my nose.  We appeared as the Barstow Gay Men's Chorus, and that was a big hit... and I celebrated my birthday on the 2nd week on the beach, that was nice.  No Birthday Bash at the Triple Door this year, couldn't figure out where to fit it in, damn it.

Off to visit my mom tomorrow, then back to prepare for several shows-- Dos Fallopia is hosting Teatro ZinZanni Late Night St. Patti's Day Cabaret... I'm reprising my dad's tribute show for Solo Performace Festival 7.  The show is renamed "Show Me The Way to Go Home (formerly "Demonstrate the Place of My Abode")... a quirky gig with Bushwick Book Club where all artists write original songs based on The Bible.  I'm on the bill for that, God help us...

Lots of corporate gigs coming up, Olivia trips to Amsterdam and Vietnam, Dos Fallopia singing with the Kansas City Women's Chorus, and spending June-July in Indianapolis at the Phoenix Theatre for their 30th anniversary. 

And big news-- we're taking "Ham for the Holidays" 2013 to ACT Theatre!  It's a co-production with Central Heating Lab in the Falls Theatre.  We're excited.  We still love our wonderful Theatre Off Jackson, but we're giving them a breather this December.

So that's the latest.  Lynn and our giant kitties, Cagney and Lacey are swell. I'm still here, still breathing, still doing what I love.  Life is good.

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