It's the End of 2020 as We Know It

Is 2020 over yet?

I wrote a parody version of the great REM tune (produced and edited by Extreme Meetings). As we approach 300K lost from Covid and go into a 3rd wave -- please mask up!

No surprise, 45 won't concede.  The worst president and human being EVER is grifting to the end.  Joe and Kamala will be inaugurated Jan 20, huzzah!  So right now, let's keep it going to pick up those 2 Georgia run-off Senate seats January 5th! 

Stacey Abrams' organization, Fair Fight is in large part responsible for the huge shift in Georgia. Congresswoman Barbara Lee suggested that the best thing we can do right now is to send Fair Fight some money so they can continue their important work of being the boots on the ground in Georgia. A donation will insure that they can continue the hard work needed to get us the Senate. Please pass this along. 

Just go here:


Be prepared to have your hair blown back by the musical comedy force that is Lisa Koch. ” - LN Magazine
Koch’s talents seem to know no bounds as she goes from gut-busting comedy into an introspective beautiful medley and back again… ” - Broadway World
None of this would work so well if Koch weren't such a dandy singer, guitarist and song-dismantler. There's almost nothing she can't do to subvert a popular classic… ” - Seattle Times