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"Everything in the song is absolutely true, unfortunately,” comments this singer-songwriter-comedian and self-described Britney Spears body double about her tune “I’m a Middle Aged Woman.”  And, given the number of online spin-off fan videos, Lisa Koch’s brand of absurd confessional comedy is clearly resonating with millions of fans. 

Known for her warped humor in songs like “The Carpenters: Uncomfortably Close to You” and “Ham for the Holidays: Swine, Women and Song,” Koch is well-loved in her home city of Seattle, and a favorite on Olivia cruises as well as at theaters and festivals all over the United States. 
“I’m a Middle Aged Woman” was written in 2005 for a one-woman show called Return to Planet Lisa.  “I noticed that my comedian friends of a certain age were working their own hormonal experiences into their acts. We all would compare stories.  After laughing my ass off with [lesbian] comic Michele Balan—the most bizarre hot-flash stories I’ve ever heard—I wrote the song,” Koch recalls. 

It wasn’t long before it was being passed around cyberspace as a song file, then as a video. “A couple of those videos went viral,and it was nutzo. One video had 3 million plus views,” says Koch. “[There are] drag queens and housewives lip syncing to it, lesbian line dancers dancing to it—it was even used as music for a horse dressage reining competition. My family is so proud.” 

She finally put up her own video, a performance at out comic Vickie Shaw’s birthday party that has garnered a mere 16,000 hits. It shows a glimpse of her other work, too, including shots of her in a nun’s habit, as Xena, as a hippie anddecked out in male drag. 

Is it mostly “women of a certain age” who love the song? “It really strikes a chord with women, but it definitely crosses boundaries.The song absolutely makes men laugh…perhaps simply out of fear,” she jokes. 

Once you’ve seen her, you won’t forget her. Don’t miss a chance to see Koch in action. But if she’s dressed as a nun, don’t get too close. I hear she carries a big ruler.

-Jamie Anderson
-Curve Magazine