Dos Fallopia "Pretty Girls, Not Too Bright" DVD
  • Dos Fallopia "Pretty Girls, Not Too Bright" DVD
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FINALLY!  A DVD re-release of classic out-of-print Dos Fallopia!  This 1996 recording of two live  performances features appearances by many Dos Fallopia alter-egos: mother-daughter country superstars The Spudds (Euomi and Wynotta), reclusive British headbangers The Surly Bitches, lesbo-folkies Mud (Compost Morning Dew and Dolphin-Free Tuna Womon), 90-year old blues mavens The Matrons of Blues, oily 70's lounge duo, The Colonel and Shenille, demented nun Sister Mary Agnes Labia, and choice excerpts from "Martina! The Musical."  60 minutes of gut-splitting laughter and hilarity, available once again to the masses!

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