Survived 2011

Whew.  Another year gone.  Ended on a high note with a great run of our Xmas show, "Ham for the Holidays: A Lard Day's Night".  Tons of fun with Peggy, D.J., Michael and the crew.  What a group of goons. I love 'em. 

2011 flew by for me.  Rang in the New Year at a Hot Flash Party in Seattle.  Then on to my annual Birthday Bash in early Feb. (with Roxanna Ward, Vickie Shaw, brother David, Jen Todd, Mel Watson, Peggy, Michael, DJ and more).  March glee was a concert with the fabulous Righteous Mothers.  April was Dos Fallopia in Ft. Worth, TX, and then worked a beautiful Olivia riverboat cruise to Amsterdam/Belgium (with Julie and Kate Wolf).  Nice corporate gig in Hawaii (oh yeah!) in May.  June brought my great pal Jennie McNulty to Seattle-- we shared the stage with Peggy Platt at Theatre Off Jackson.  Also Cabaret Chanteuse gig in Portland.  The end of June was the beginning of an amazing, mind-blowing 12 day Olivia trip to China (with Roxanna Ward). 

July was "Ham" script-writing month for me and the Pegster.

August was another great Olivia riverboat trip on the Danube with the amzing Barbara Higbie (Budapest, Vienna, stops in Germany).

I located some long-lost German relatives on my dad's maternal side 3 weeks before the Danube trip, so I changed my tix and arranged to meet them.  What a hoot!  I met my father's 1st cousins Elizabeth and Irmgard.  And I met Elizabeth's children, grandchildren, and great-grandkids.  My cousin Marion was a great translator, thank God! Elizabeth shared lots of photos and stories.  I am so happy to have found my grandmother's family, finally!  (Here's a video of Elizabeth and the gang singing "Lily Marlene"- I'm playing guitar!)

September was corporate events in Las Vegas and Yakima.  October kicked off with 2 wonderful shows with the Seattle Women's Chorus and special guest, Chely Wright.  Peggy and I performed as The Spudds, and Mama Spudd gave Chely make up tips.  Really.  Then I was off to Provincetown, MA for Women's Week and 2 shows with the fabulous Zoe Lewis. Love her.  Got to see a bunch of my twisted pals-- Kate Clinton, Vickie Shaw, Karen Williams, Mimi Gonzales, Jennie McNulty, Suede, Jessica Kirson, Cris Williamson, Suzanne Westenhoefer... and lots more talented chicks. What a great week on Cape Cod. 

Then back to Seattle (Edmonds UU Church)  to do my one-woman show "Demonstrate the Place of My Abode" (a tribute to my father). It's a very moving experience for me, and I am grateful for the connection with my dad. 

Early November, I helped raise money for Tacoma's Rainbow Center at their Gayla Auction (with auctioneer extraordinaire Laura Michalek). 

November was "Ham" rehearsal, with the show opening right after Thanksgiving.  Then 27 shows, closing Xmas Eve matinee. Fun, fun run-- and exhausting!

Spend Xmas with family, and rang in the New Year in Portland (Hot Flash Inferno Dance Party).

I am so grateful for my family, my friends, my work.  I am so lucky to still be able to make my living in the Arts, doing what I love so much.  Truly a blessing.  So hello, 2012!

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