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Lisa Koch: Photos

Lisa shots

Lisa Koch (photo: Julie Fraga)
Lisa with Barbara Higbie (photo: Debra Darmata)
Lisa jamming on the bass (photo: Jill Cruse)
Smilin' Lisa (photo: Thomas Bliss)
Lisa scratches an itch (photo: Stephanie Engles-Klann)
vogue (photo: Stephanie Engles-Klann)

Character shots

Sister Mary Agnes with her favorite puppet, Sister Mary Mike Tyson (photo: Auston James)
Compost Morningdew in a foul mood
"Blind" Enid Bailey, singin' the blues
Lisa as Bobby Guy (photo: Auston James)
Lead singer for lounge band Mall MacArtney and Wings
Sister Mary Agnes is not amused
Hippie chick (photo: Auston James)
La la la la la la la! (photo: Thomas Bliss)
George W. Bush, mission accomplished! (photo: Sage Alixander)


Cagney (r.) and Lacey (l.), our giant cats on their 1st birthday-- Lynn in the middle
Siouxie, Quincy, Lynn, Lisa, Nancy, Frank, David
Big Dog Ciara (RIP)
Abby Normal (RIP)
Toonces, my little man (RIP)

Dos Fallopia

The Spudds--Euomi (Peggy Platt) and Wynotta (Lisa Koch) - photo: Heather Trimm
Mud (Dolphin-Free Tuna Womon and Compost Morningdew) - photo: Heather Trimm
The Matrons of Blues ("Blind" Enid Bailey and Vi "Big Mama" Ingersoll)-(photo: Sage Alixander)
Wynotta and Euomi Spudd (Lisa and Peggy)-(photo: Sage Alixander)
Bush and Cheney (Lisa and Peggy)-(photo: Sage Alixander)
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