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Lisa Koch: News

Hamless in Seattle - November 29, 2018

RIP Ham for the Holidays 1996-2017

 It’s the holiday season, and the emails and PM’s begin arrive.  “Are you doing Ham for the Holidays this year?”  “Where’s Ham?”  “How will I survive without Ham this year?”  I politely write, “There is no Ham without Peggy.  Ham is now retired.  We are officially Hamless in Seattle.”

I miss Peggy Platt.  Mary Margaret “Peggy” Platt.  My brilliant friend, my infuriating sister, my hilarious writing partner, my Dos Fallopia twin, my Ham for the Holidays marathon partner.  She left us April 3, 2018, and I have not found my center since.   We were a comedy duo for 28 years, that’s probably some kind of record.  I’m still getting used to not being able to call her up and say, “Okay, how about this for a sketch idea?”  Her loss is huge, to me, to all of us.  She was truly one of a kind.

 I first met Peggy in 1989.  We were both cast in Alice B. Theatre’s “The Holiday Survival Game Show”, and I thought she was insanely funny.  That was the start of our connection.  We kept getting cast in shows, and started creating characters backstage in green rooms.  In 1990, Peggy was commissioned by Bumbershoot to write a comedy piece, and she called all her friends to be a part of the merriment.  She asked me to write a song for a lesbian folk duo, and I came up with “Sister Song”. We named our characters Compost Morningdew and Dolphin-Free Tuna Womon, and Dos Fallopia was born.  We called ourselves “twin sisters of different cul-de-sacs”.  We toured the country, did a ton of women’s festivals, comedy festivals, Pride festivals.  We did shows at the Cabaret de Paris and kept inventing characters like the Spudds, the Colonel and Shenille, the Dweeb Girls, the Matrons of Blues.

 When Alice B. folded in 1995, we knew there would be a big gaping hole from the loss of the Game Show, so we came up with “Ham for the Holidays”.  I became our producer, Peggy made all our props and styled our wigs, and we crossed our fingers that we might break even.  Our first 1996 “Ham” was at Theatre Off Jackson (which would remain our home until 2012).  The cast was me, Peg, Sandra Singler and Mark Rabe on piano.  The show was a hit, and the next year we came back with “Son of Ham for the Holidays”.  We followed that with “Bride of Ham for the Holidays”.  And we just kept going.  We’d take a year off now and again, but we always came back to Ham. It became a tradition for our loyal Seattle audience, and for all us cast and crew. 

Andrew Tasakos was a troupe member for several years, as an actor/writer.  Kevin Kent joined us in 1997. Chris Jeffries, Bruce Hall and DJ Gommels were our kick-ass musical directors, pianists and actors over the years.  Michael Oaks played every weird character we ever wrote for him, and was so important to our show. Directors were Kit Harris, Burton Curtis, Sandra Singler, Valerie Curtis-Newton and more-- but brother David Koch helmed the most Hams (10).

We cranked out 17 Hams over the years, with a cast of familiar characters in ever changing settings. Dysfunctional mother-daughter country western duo The Spudds showed up every year, along with the always bickering Sequim Gay Men’s Chorus.  We all perversely looked forward to the most heinous scene change videos between sketches. Mama Spudd’s fractured Xmas extravaganzas were the thing of legend—Spudd Trek, Double Wide Indemnity, It’s Wonderful Wind, How the Bitch Stole Xmas, and The Music Manchurian Candidate, to name just a few. We spent our final 5 years at ACT Theatre, and the crowds just kept coming.  Crazy. 

Writing with Peggy was my greatest joy, and we laughed that wheezing-honking-squeaking-crying kind of laughter when we came up with something weird or heinous.   Performing with Peggy was intense, so much fun, and never, ever boring. Peg often went up on her lines, and so we would improvise, God help us. And our audience loved being in on the train wreck.  Peggy was truly brilliant, and so loved by this city. 

Pegster, we had a great run.  I will forever miss Mama Spudd (“Oh, my heart is so full…), and Toby (“I sing bass because I’m a bear…GRRRR!”) and Shenille and Vision and Dot and Vi and Dolphin-Free Tuna Womon and Margaret and Spike and Nicky and Fran and Dale and Moishe and Archie and all the rest of our quirky little family.  You were one in a million, Sister.  Keep ‘em laughing up there.

 Your faithful partner, Lisa


1996 - Ham for the Holidays

1997 - Son of Ham for the Holidays

1998 - Bride of Ham for the Holidays

2000 -  Ham for the Holidays: Glazing Saddles

2002 -  Ham for the Holidays: Cinco de Porko

2004 -  Ham for the Holidays: Smorgaspork

2005 - Ham for the Holidays: Desperate Spuddwives

2007 - Ham for the Holidays: Swine, Women and Song

2009 - Ham for the Holidays: Lard Potion #9

2010 - Ham for the Holidays: Wham Bam, Thank You Ham

2011 - Ham for the Holidays: Lard Day’s Night

2012 - Ham for the Holidays: Hamageddon

2013- Ham for the Holidays: Close Encounters of the Pork Rind

2014 - Ham for the Holidays: Fear the Bacon

2015- Ham for the Holidays: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Ham?

2016 - Ham for the Holidays: Jurassic Pork

2017 - Ham for the Holidays: The Hamchurian Candidate


Fly high, my twin sister of a different cul-de-sac.... - April 3, 2018


I am numb. Processing the sudden loss of Peggy Platt, my dear friend, comedy partner, feminist sister and firebrand. Together as Dos Fallopia, we survived and thrived as a comedy duo for 28 years. Not together quite as long as The Rolling Stones, but damn close. We were like fire and ice, drove each other crazy, and somehow... it worked. I have never laughed harder with anyone, and I cherish our years onstage and off. I loved, loved, loved writing with you. We cranked out a lot of scripts over the years, and we were proud of most of them. We spent a lot of time onstage in weird wigs and costumes, and when we were on... boy, were we ever on. We were unabashedly feminist, political, and pushed the envelope of comedy. I am damn proud of our work together. I will miss you terribly, old friend. There is a huge hole in my heart, and the masses are grieving your loss. As it should be. You were one of a kind, Peg-- and I was lucky to be connected to you all these years. Fly high, Pegster. I love you. Safe journey, and I'll see you on the other side.

DosFallopiaFront_resized.jpg  Mud1_resized.jpg DFCover.jpgmatronsofblues07.jpg  Ham-Schmecks_resized.jpg bushcheney07.jpgHam-Sequim_Gay_Men_s_Chorus_resized.jpg  Ham-The_Seatles_resized.jpg MensChorus3.jpgHeartwood2_resized.jpgCol_Shenille_resized.jpg

2018, still kicking... - January 31, 2018

I can't believe that the 1st month in 2018 is almost over, what th...?  After a successful run of "Ham for the Holidays: The Hamchurian Candidate" at ACT in December, and then making it through Xmas...I crashed. Lynn and I took a quick trip to NYC in early January to see Bette Midler in "Hello Dolly" (fantastic!), and also caught "Come From Away" (glorious).  We managed to miss the East Coast deep freeze by 1 day, huzzah.  

I just returned from a 3 night run in Laguna Beach, CA with my ridiculous pals Roxanna Ward and Vickie Shaw. God, I love those women.  We had tons of fun, and I got to meet Vickie's newest grandbaby,  Miss Effie Morris.  She's a beauty! (photo below with the Barstow Gay Men's Chorus - Lisa, Vickie, Rox-- Effie is in front, of course).


My birthday is coming up next week, and time for another Big Ass Birthday Bash at the Triple Door (Feb 8). I am really looking forward to it.  Rox, Vickie, Barbara Higbie, and a pile of friends and family will be onstage with me.  My favorite night of the year, truly.  

30 years sober, twice that in birthday years (for a few more days!), and grateful for every moment...  Lisa


Wet spring in Seattle and a new CD... - March 27, 2017

Rainy in Seattle, and almost April.  Holy crap, how time flies now that I'm the big 6-Oh.  2017 started out with a bang.   I took an Olivia trip to Panama-Costa Rica, then Lynn and went to the Women's March on Washington in DC, the day after Cheeto took office.  Half a million of us showed up to march-- women, men, kids, young, old. It was very inspirational, after the horror and depression following the election.  Then we came back to celebrate my Big Ass Birthday Bash at the Triple Door (with Roxanna Ward, Vickie Shaw, Barbara Higbie, brother Dave, niece Quincy and lots of other wonderful folks).  Big fun, lots of friends and family in town.  It was a great way to ring in a new decade.

Then I was lucky enough to go on a Baja exploration cruise in the Sea of Cortez, and it was just exploding with life.  We saw a super pod of dolphins, blue whales, humpback whales, pelicans, snorkeled with sea lion pups-- but the most awesome moment was when I got to actually touch a baby grey whale in Magdalena Bay.  The grey whales are friendly and curious, and the mother whales let their babies come up to the small boats sometimes.  We were sitting watching another whale, and suddenly a baby came up to the side of the boat for a look.  She rubbed the side of the boat, and a couple of us rubbed /petted her head.  Then she rolled over like a puppy, and I patted her belly.  She stayed with us maybe 5 minutes, then split when mom called.  After the baby left, we all wept.  Just an amazing experience that I will never forget.

I'm finally recording my 5th solo CD, "Enjoy the Ride" (after 10 years!).  I started late October, and just finished mastering last week. It should be out early May, and I have a CD release party scheduled Wed June 14.  It's a mix of originals and covers, and I'm proud of it.  The title song was written with my dad in mind, and I'm so glad it's recorded.  It's about feeling gratitude, and living every moment like it's your last.  8 years since Dad passed, that's crazy. 

So now if the sun could just come out for a bit here, all would be perfect... CD is on the way, Cagney and Lacey still rule the roost, Lynn is settled into her new office, and life is good.

Fall is finally here - September 24, 2014

It finally feels like Fall here in Seattle.  We had an amazing summer and lovely Indian summer, but the temperatures are finally dropping a bit, and the rain has come.  Days are shorter, and that autumn smell is in the air.  I love the Fall.  It's all about change.  

I'm gearing up for my Xmas show, "Ham for the Holidays: Fear the Bacon", so I've got to put my producer hat on. Still have a few more songs to write, but the script is looking pretty fun this year.  I've been really really busy this year, which is great-- but where the heck does the time go?  I truly think time passes more quickly the older we grow.  When I was a kid, a day seemed to last a week.  Summer was endless.  And the last week of school before vacation passed so slowly I could have sworn it was a month.  Now, in my 50's, a whole year flies literally flies by. It makes me realize I need to be grateful for every day, stop and smell the roses, stop and look at the sunset and the Sound and this amazing place I live, and then to live every day fully, live every day like it's my last.  Right now I have a kitty on my lap, the rain is coming down, and I couldn't be more content.  Thank you for my life, exactly as it is.  So much gratitude. Hello, Fall.

2014 so far... - May 22, 2014

Busy, busy, busy! I can't believe that it's nearly June.  How does the time fly by so damn fast any more? Beats me. After a fabulous run of "Ham for the Holidays" last December at our new home at ACT, Lynn and I ran off to Hawaii for a few days in Jan (ahhh!).  Then back in early Feb for my quasi-annual Birthday Bash at the Triple Door (with my pals Roxanna Ward, Vickie Shaw, Larry Murante, Karyn Schwartz, Mel Watson (Jen Todd was sick, boo), David Koch, Peggy Platt and more.  What a great night!

In March, Lynn joined me for a trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, where I was a speaker for the We Move Forward Conference over International Women's Day weekend.  A great, empowering experience with a fab group of women. We met some amazing folks, and I'm invited again in March 2015!

Lynn joined me yet again in April for Olivia's Amsterdam to Basel Riverboat Cruise.  We had a blast. It was Lynn's first trip to Amsterdam, and we roamed the town.  Big fun, but no Coffeeshops for us (the cannabis kind).  The cruise was great, shared the entertainment duties with crazy woman Marga Gomez.  Funny, funny, funny that girl. A fab trip, and I took a few days post cruise to visit some German cousins.  

After a few days home, we took a quickie trip down to Oakland in May for our good friend Barbara Higbie's CD release party.  I was her opening act, in theory. The Tibetan monks bumped me, so I opened Act 2. Great show, Barbie is so freaking talented.

After writing songs for 2 big corporate gigs in March-April, I joined the Team in Minneapolis for a big event.  I got to be Magenta from Rocky Horror, a zombie version of Mylie Cyrus (older and with more clothing), a woman in a dayglo caftan, and a Tina Turner backup singer. It was a busy week.

Now I'm rehearsing with brother Dave for a reunion concert in our home town of Ashland OR.  We're trying to remember the songs, the lyrics, the chords.... it's bringing back some great memories.  I do love singing with my bro.

And that's where I am, May 22, 2014.  It's spring in Seattle, gorgeous.  I am one lucky woman.

Vietnam and Cambodia rocked! - September 27, 2013

Returned last week from a 3 week trip to Vietnam and Cambodia with Olivia Travel.  I was not only entertainer, but staff member on this trip-- in charge of my very own bus.  The Red Bus.  And a wonderful group of women it was!  We started in Hanoi, boarded a junk in gorgeous Halong Bay, made our way to Siem Reap in Cambodia, boarded our plush riverboat and sailed down the Mekong, ending up in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).  An amazing, amazing trip.  We got to experience the beauty of Southeast Asia, the lovely people of Vietnam and Cambodia, many temples, monks, food markets, ox cart rides, the Hanoi Hilton, the Killing Fields, Angkor Wat....

One of those trips of a lifetime, I am so lucky.  Much gratitude.

Legally married in WA! - August 9, 2013

Lynn and I had our big "wedding" ceremony back in 2008-- we invited a boatload of people, pitched a giant circus tent, ate a lot of food, spent an enormous amount of money and had a grand ol' time.  Marriage equality arrived in Washington State in Dec 2012, and we decided we would get married "for reals" on our anniversary date in Aug.  But smaller this time, and much cheaper.  Just close family this time, over lunch-- and our good friend Ken was our officiant once again.  And voila... we are now wife and wife!  Huzzah! I never thought it would happen in my lifetime.  Pretty darned cool.

2013, what th...? - February 17, 2013

Just got back from a great 2 weeks on Olivia's 40th anniversary cruises.  Got to laugh, sing, and jam with my funny and talented pals.  Highlight:  meeting tennis great Billie Jean King, whoo hoo!  Getting all the performers, staff and guests together to celebrate was pretty darned moving, I must say.  I had a hell of a good time.  I had an especially great time with my pals Roxanna Ward and Vickie Shaw. I laugh so hard, milk shoots out my nose.  We appeared as the Barstow Gay Men's Chorus, and that was a big hit... and I celebrated my birthday on the 2nd week on the beach, that was nice.  No Birthday Bash at the Triple Door this year, couldn't figure out where to fit it in, damn it.

Off to visit my mom tomorrow, then back to prepare for several shows-- Dos Fallopia is hosting Teatro ZinZanni Late Night St. Patti's Day Cabaret... I'm reprising my dad's tribute show for Solo Performace Festival 7.  The show is renamed "Show Me The Way to Go Home (formerly "Demonstrate the Place of My Abode")... a quirky gig with Bushwick Book Club where all artists write original songs based on The Bible.  I'm on the bill for that, God help us...

Lots of corporate gigs coming up, Olivia trips to Amsterdam and Vietnam, Dos Fallopia singing with the Kansas City Women's Chorus, and spending June-July in Indianapolis at the Phoenix Theatre for their 30th anniversary. 

And big news-- we're taking "Ham for the Holidays" 2013 to ACT Theatre!  It's a co-production with Central Heating Lab in the Falls Theatre.  We're excited.  We still love our wonderful Theatre Off Jackson, but we're giving them a breather this December.

So that's the latest.  Lynn and our giant kitties, Cagney and Lacey are swell. I'm still here, still breathing, still doing what I love.  Life is good.

Survived 2011 - January 5, 2012

Whew.  Another year gone.  Ended on a high note with a great run of our Xmas show, "Ham for the Holidays: A Lard Day's Night".  Tons of fun with Peggy, D.J., Michael and the crew.  What a group of goons. I love 'em. 

2011 flew by for me.  Rang in the New Year at a Hot Flash Party in Seattle.  Then on to my annual Birthday Bash in early Feb. (with Roxanna Ward, Vickie Shaw, brother David, Jen Todd, Mel Watson, Peggy, Michael, DJ and more).  March glee was a concert with the fabulous Righteous Mothers.  April was Dos Fallopia in Ft. Worth, TX, and then worked a beautiful Olivia riverboat cruise to Amsterdam/Belgium (with Julie and Kate Wolf).  Nice corporate gig in Hawaii (oh yeah!) in May.  June brought my great pal Jennie McNulty to Seattle-- we shared the stage with Peggy Platt at Theatre Off Jackson.  Also Cabaret Chanteuse gig in Portland.  The end of June was the beginning of an amazing, mind-blowing 12 day Olivia trip to China (with Roxanna Ward). 

July was "Ham" script-writing month for me and the Pegster.

August was another great Olivia riverboat trip on the Danube with the amzing Barbara Higbie (Budapest, Vienna, stops in Germany).

I located some long-lost German relatives on my dad's maternal side 3 weeks before the Danube trip, so I changed my tix and arranged to meet them.  What a hoot!  I met my father's 1st cousins Elizabeth and Irmgard.  And I met Elizabeth's children, grandchildren, and great-grandkids.  My cousin Marion was a great translator, thank God! Elizabeth shared lots of photos and stories.  I am so happy to have found my grandmother's family, finally!  (Here's a video of Elizabeth and the gang singing "Lily Marlene"- I'm playing guitar!)

September was corporate events in Las Vegas and Yakima.  October kicked off with 2 wonderful shows with the Seattle Women's Chorus and special guest, Chely Wright.  Peggy and I performed as The Spudds, and Mama Spudd gave Chely make up tips.  Really.  Then I was off to Provincetown, MA for Women's Week and 2 shows with the fabulous Zoe Lewis. Love her.  Got to see a bunch of my twisted pals-- Kate Clinton, Vickie Shaw, Karen Williams, Mimi Gonzales, Jennie McNulty, Suede, Jessica Kirson, Cris Williamson, Suzanne Westenhoefer... and lots more talented chicks. What a great week on Cape Cod. 

Then back to Seattle (Edmonds UU Church)  to do my one-woman show "Demonstrate the Place of My Abode" (a tribute to my father). It's a very moving experience for me, and I am grateful for the connection with my dad. 

Early November, I helped raise money for Tacoma's Rainbow Center at their Gayla Auction (with auctioneer extraordinaire Laura Michalek). 

November was "Ham" rehearsal, with the show opening right after Thanksgiving.  Then 27 shows, closing Xmas Eve matinee. Fun, fun run-- and exhausting!

Spend Xmas with family, and rang in the New Year in Portland (Hot Flash Inferno Dance Party).

I am so grateful for my family, my friends, my work.  I am so lucky to still be able to make my living in the Arts, doing what I love so much.  Truly a blessing.  So hello, 2012!

Another "Ham" in the can - December 29, 2010

Happy holidays to all!

Another "Ham" in the can, Lordy.  "Ham for the Holidays: Wham Bam, Thank You Ham!" was a big success, even with the crappy economy affecting ticket sales.  We had a great run, thank you SO much cast and crew. You are amazing, as always.

I was a wreck the 1st couple weeks of the show--we had to put our wolfhound, Ciara down in the dawn hours right before final Preview performance.  Big sigh. Really, really hard.  I miss our big old sweet girl so much.  Our Maine Coon kitties Cagney and Lacey miss their "mom".  They thought that big dog was their mother, and they were truly a pack. Christmas was pretty sad without her.  I know death is just part of the cycle, but losing Abby and Dad and Ciara all so close together has just been crushing to me. 

But I am grateful for all the things I have-- family, friends, a good life. And lots of joy, especially when I do what I love to do onstage.  I am a lucky, lucky woman. 

We lost Ciara - December 5, 2010


We lost Ciara, our beautiful Irish wolfhound on the morning of November 24, 2010.  She was 10 1/2 years old, which is pretty ancient for a wolfie.  She was a wonderful friend, companion, and happy happy happy every day.  We miss her terribly, and our home is very empty without her.  Sigh.



My one-woman show - April 2, 2010

In January, I was asked by my good friend Patti West if I wanted to be a part of the Seattle Solo Performance Festival.  I said, "sure"-- and then thought about what new material I wanted to create.  Since the death of my father March 2009, I had been wanting to write about sharing his last 2 months on earth.  It was a profound experience, and affected me deeply.  So... I wrote about my dad.  I started writing, and the words just came pouring out of me.  The result is a one-woman show, "Demonstrate the Place Of My Abode."  It's a salute to my funny father, the music he inspired, and a window into his experience with Death With Dignity.  Writing and performing this show has been utterly cathartic for me.  I don't know what the future holds for this story, but I'm glad I took it on.  It has moved me, inspired me, and changed me.  Thanks, Dad.

Survived another birthday - February 5, 2010

Okay, it's the day after my birthday and I don't feel appreciably older... hmmm.  I guess that's a good thing.  Besides, the sun is shining in Seattle and it's 57 degrees in Feb.  Crazy.  

Had a great birthday bash at the Triple Door last Sun, what fun!  My pals Vickie Shaw and Roxanna flew in for the night, and much laughter ensued!  Other friends at the Bash-- Peggy Platt, DJ Gommels, Michael Oaks, Jen Todd, Mel Watson, Linda Severt, my brother David, and a special visit from Scott Warrender.  Really, really wonderful night.  The Colonel and Shenille showed up to sing a few songs about Seattle transit, and we held a "sing off" between the Sequim Gay Men's Chorus (Lisa, Peg, DJ and Michael) and the Barstow Gay Men's Chorus (Lisa, Rox and Vickie).  The BGMC kicked booty and won by audience applause-- yeeeeaaaahh!  Anyway, lots of great music, big laughs and wonderful friends.  Dave and I sang a song from our 70's duo past (Without You by Harry Nilsson), and I got chills singing with him again.  Pretty cool.  We closed the evening with Jen Todd's rendition of "In the Name of Love" (U2)-- what a great way to end, and I got to play bass (which I love so much).  A lovely, lovely night.

I am immersed right now putting together a new one-woman show for the Seattle Solo Performance Festival (coming up in March).  It's called "Demonstrate the Place of My Abode" and it's stories about my dad.  I need to write about him.  So.. gotta get back to work.  

That's the latest, I'll check back soon-- Lisa

Ham for the Holidays: Lard Potion No. 9 - November 27, 2009

Hey Everybody,

Happy Turkey Day, ahhhhh!

Our Xmas extravaganza opens in just a few hours-- "Ham for the Holidays: Lard Potion #9"-- we've been rehearsing like crazy for the past 3 weeks, and are very excited about the show.  It's another Dos Fallopia fun-fest.  Peg and I are joined by the very talented DJ Gommels and Michael Oaks.  This year's show was directed by my brother David, and we had a ton of fun with him.  Characters include:

The Colonel and Shenille, a tacky lounge band entertaining at the Tukwila Light Rail Station

The Sequim Gay Men's Chorus, small but mighty, and filled with Pride

"All in the Family Feud", pitting the Bunker Family (Archie, Edith and cousin Maude) against audience members

The angst-filled Slam Poet, reciting her original poetry

"Trailer Park's Got Talent", featuring mother-daughter singing duo, The Spudds (Euomi and Wynotta)

Anyway, I'm so proud of the show this year, and can't wait to see some audiences this weekend.  Come check it out for the holidays!  

I look forward to the show, and I also look forward to coming up for air after it closes! 

Hey, I'm a Just Plain Folks Award Winner! - September 1, 2009

I was nominated for 4 Just Plain Folks Awards, and by gosh...I won something! 

I got 1st place in the Vocal Jazz Song category ("You Must Have Forgotten"), and landed two 2nd places: 2nd in the Cabaret Song category ("I'm a Middle-Aged Woman"), and 2nd place for Cabaret Album ("Tall Cool Drink").   I believe the last 1st place award I got was in Humorous Interp in Debate, my junior year of high school.  Okay, so it was a long dry spell...

More info about Just Plain Folks at 


Well go figure... I was nominated for 3 song awards: Best Cabaret Song: "I'm a Middle-Aged Woman" and "Back When We Had Sex" Best Vocal Jazz Song: "You Must Have Forgotten."  Also nominated for Best Cabaret Album: "Tall Cool Drink".  Hooty hoot!

Just Plain Folks nominee

My amazing father... - April 1, 2009

Frank B. Koch
April 8, 1931- March 3, 2009

“If you live a meaningful life, you never really die. Instead, you break into 1,000 pieces, each of which stay alive within the people whose lives you’ve touched along the way.”

My wonderful father passed away March 3, 2009 after a lightning-quick 2-month battle with advanced stomach cancer. I miss him beyond belief.

My father was a great man. He was sturdy, steady, loyal, loving.
A life-long learner, an exuberant student of life. Compassionate, generous, quirky, vital. A flaming liberal. Funny, funny, funny. Frank lived large every day.

Dad was just a big kid. He loved to play. He was very often the one to initiate a pillow fight in our living room. Dad would pick up a pillow, pretend to throw it at me, and blindside David in the head. That would start a full-fledged pillow war, with Mom yelling, “David, Lisa, Frank…stop! Kids, Frank… stop!” He was our Dad, but he played hard, and he always had a twinkle in his eye.

Frank was notoriously cheap. He was always looking for a deal, clipping coupons, and complaining about the cost of… pretty much everything. When David and I were in junior high, we came up with a joke: Why did Frank cross the road? To get to the Bi-Mart on the other side. Growing up, I had no idea that you could buy tires new… Dad only bought retreads. So that’s what I bought for all my early cars, and I watched my tire tread fly off at high speeds on the freeway. The good news? I could change a tire in 15 minutes flat, because I had to do it a lot. Thanks, Dad.

Frank taught rocks and minerals to his 6th grade class, and he really loved geology. Loved science, loved nature. Dave and I called him Mr. Science because he had the answer to everything. “I have a Master’s Degree… in Science!” When we were kids, we had no idea that our family outings were really test field trips. If it worked on us, he’d try it out on his 6th graders.

Later, when I was in high school, I took an aptitude test to see what subjects I excelled in. I was a musician and I figured I’d score high creatively. I scored off the charts in Science. I thought I hated science. Apparently, I learned it by osmosis. Thanks, Dad.

Dad and mom both were so supportive of their children, no matter what. Supportive of alternative vocations and lifestyles. David and I both started a career in music, which has got to be a parent’s biggest nightmare. But Dad was our best audience, from the time we first started hamming it up. If we could make Dad laugh… we knew it was funny. He was the master, all we had to do was watch and learn. We’d be at a social gathering, and as we were leaving, Dad would go up to the host, put his thumb and forefinger together with a teeny space in between and say, ‘It’s been this close to being interesting.”

Dad and Mom encouraged us to do what we loved… and we did. I watched my parents as educators all those years, and they loved teaching, they were passionate about it. Dad treated 11 year old kids with respect, and humor, made them look at things a different way, challenged them--- and they blossomed. Dad was passionate about everything he did.

Someone once said, "The people whose lives you touch may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."

Dad touched everybody he ever came in contact with. He made us all feel special, listened to, loved, ALIVE, because he was so alive. We received hundreds of cards, letters and emails from people, mourning dad’s illness, and then the loss of their friend. In his last 2 months, Dad got to hear and see how much people loved him. That’s a gift. He was one-of-a-kind. I’m proud to be his daughter, and I carry him with me. Bad jokes and all.

"Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts...
And we are never, ever the same..." Love you, Dad.

Snow in Seattle - December 19, 2008

It's almost Xmas, and we've got the white stuff here... 6+ inches yesterday, wow.

Peggy Platt and I had a short 4-night run of "The Dos Fallopia Xmas Hour (and a half)" and managed to get through all 4 nights before the snow dumped on us! We had a marvelous little run, and were joined by the magnificent D.J. Gommels. Big fun.

Had a great reunion with the Venus Envy girls Dec 9 at the Triple Door. What a fun concert, and such a blast to play with the Venutians again. It's only been 13 years, hey!

Lynn and Ciara and I are gearing up for Xmas next week. Our sweet kitty, Abby Normal never came home after disappearing Nov 1, so it's been a sad holiday season without her. We miss her so much, sigh.

I am grateful for my family, my friends, and I continue to be hopeful for our future. We're all gonna have to hang in there for awhile until things get better, but I do believe things WILL get better. Happy holidays to all of you...


Almost Turkey Day... - November 24, 2008

Hey there,
Well, my blogging skills suck. My last entry was from August, and now it's rainy November, just a few days away from the tryptophan Fest that is Thanksgiving. Holy moly, where does the time go?

Catch up time-- my partner Lynn and I got hitched on Aug 9 near Seattle. We had a big outdoor party for friends and family, and it was lovely. A little sun, a little rain-- perfect! It was a spectacular day.

Since Aug, it's just been a mishmash of stuff. I produced a couple of shows for my talented friends in Aug/Sept (Vickie Shaw and Roxanna Ward, and Julie Goldman's one-woman show)-- I did 3 gigs in Oct (as bass player) with my friends Teresa Trull and Barbara Higbie. Had fun at Olivia's Turks and Caicos gigs, where I witnessed the election of Barack Obama as our next President. Unbelievably moving. Lots of screaming, weeping, and partying ensued. I am so hopeful for our future. Now, if we can just hang on for a little while... it's scary right now. W did a great job of driving our country into the ground in 8 years, amazing.

Sad news-- our beautiful kitty Abby Normal disappeared Nov 1, and we haven't seen her since. We miss her terribly, the house is so quiet without her.

Here's wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season. I give thanks for all our many blessings.

Take care,

Summer in Seattle - August 1, 2008

Well, it's Aug. 1, and raining in Seattle. Hell I don't care--it's been absolutely lovely for the past few weeks.

Spent 2.5 weeks in France last month (Olivia cruise, Provence-Burgundy riverboat). Big fun. My partner Lynn traveled with me the 1st week, and we celebrated her birthday, the big 5-Oh. Yummy food, great company (our good pal Roxanna Ward was entertaining on the trip, as well). We met some wonderful new friends-- 2 Brazilian women who we absolutely fell in love with. Lucia Verissimo and Renata Arruda. Lucia is an actress, and Renata is a singer/songwriter-- both reeeeeeally famous in Brazil. They were certainly slumming with us, but we had a marvelous week, laughed until we cried! Lynn flew home at the end of week one, and my mom Nancy joined us for the cruise week 2. We had a swell time, although she may have shared a few too many embarrassing stories about her daughter... hey, can't win 'em all. I adore my mom, and it's great that we can travel together and get some mother-daughter time. (My dad Frank was back in Seattle, visiting his granddaughter and keeping Lynn in line...)

While we were in Paris, we visited 27 rue de Fleurus (Gertrude and Alice's old apartment)-- pretty cool, got pix. Speaking of 27-- my play "27 rue de Fleurus" got picked up by Samuel French, so I've got a publishing deal! Whoo hoo! Maybe it'll pay more than my $22.00 BMI royalties... ha.

Lynn and I are getting hitched next week in Seattle-- I'm starting to get a little nervous. I'll give you the whole poop when it's all over. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the rain, and the sun when it comes back...

My time in NY... - March 21, 2008

It was quite the experience opening my Off-Broadway show in NYC. "27 rue de Fleurus" opened March 6, 2008 and will run through April 13. My collaborator, Ted Sod wrote the book and co-wrote the lyrics-- I composed the music. The show is about the life and times of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, told from Alice's point of view. I flew out in late Jan for week one of musical rehearsals, and met our musical director, John Bell (who totally rocks)-- also met our lovely cast, all talented vets-- lots of Broadway credits, and the nicest 5 women I could hope to work with. I came back for tech rehearsals at the end of Feb, and with a little muscle, the show was up and running! It's a lovely show, and I'm proud to be a part of the process-- I have certainly learned a lot! Thanks to everybody for all your hard work, whew!

Happy New Year! - January 1, 2008

Hey everybody-- it's 2008, whoa! Had a fabulous year, and I'm looking forward to a great '08. We just closed our Dos Fallopia Xmas show ("Ham for the Holidays: Swine, Woman, and Song!") and had a wonderful December, 27 shows and lots of laughs with cast and crew. I spent the holidays with family and friends, and I'm thankful for all the love and laughter and for every moment of my life... I'm a lucky woman.

Today I'm stretched on the couch in my bathrobe, enjoying some much needed down time. Pass me a bon-bon...

Happy New Year to all, see you somewhere in '08!


Fall is here! - September 14, 2007

Hi all,
Gee, I guess I should journal more often, my birthday was loooong ago! I've been busy this year, and all is well. Had a reading of a new play I've co-written in NYC in Feb, and it went well-- the show ("27, Rue de Fleurus") will be produced in NY this coming Mar/Apr '08... watch for details on my website. I took a couple of great Olivia trips-- Amsterdam in April (took my mom, that was a hoot!) and Greece in June. I opened for my friend Barbara Higbie at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley (live CD), and had fun in July with my pals Dana Goldberg, Julie Goldman, and Erin Foley in Albuquerque (SW Funnyfest). Peggy Platt and I (Dos Fallopia) spent 6 weeks in Indianapolis this summer, and we had a great run of our show "Desperate Spuddwives" at the Phoenix Theatre there. Now we're hard at work on our Xmas show, "Ham for the Holidays: Swine, Women and Song!", which will run the month of Dec in Seattle. I have a few more Olivia trips this year (Tahiti, Mexican Riviera, Vallarta Palace), so I'm a busy chick. Life is good! Hope you all had a marvelous summer! That's all for now-- Lisa

AARP, here I come... - February 5, 2007

Okay, I'm officially 50 now-- so far, so good. Had a grand birthday celebration at the Triple Door in Seattle on Jan 31. My actual b-day is Feb 4, but close enough. It was a combo CD release/birthday bash, and good GAWD, did we have fun! I had a kick ass band-- my good friend Barbara Higbie on piano/fiddle; Chuck Deardorf on bass; Mark Ivester on drums; Rod Cook on guitar; my brother David and Jen Todd on backup vocals--- AND, a host of friends who showed up and jammed! The lovely Mel Watson (Fruit) sat in on trumpet/sax, my old pal Laura Love came up and played a tune, the wondrous Cris Williamson came up and sang a tune with me--- and my amazing friend Roxanna Ward flew up to join us with her stellar piano chops and twisted humor! It was quite a night, and a perfect way to usher in 50-- whoo hoo! Thanks to all for sharing the night with me, it was truly spectacular...
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