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Lisa Koch: Music/Video

Waiting Song (click for lyrics)

(Lisa Koch)
Written by Barbara Higbie (Slow Baby Music, BMI)
This is a haunting song written by my wonderful friend, Barbara Higbie. I’ve heard Barbara perform this song live many a time, and it always gives me chills. I hope I’ve done it justice. The magnificent Ms. Higbie is on piano. Thanks, Babz...

Where’s the time, the place to be
Where’s the love I’m supposed to meet
They say we’re made for someone to call our own
Years go by and I’m still alone

I can hear you calling
But I can’t find your face
I know you’re somewhere out there
So I wait, I wait.

The night sky is my only home
Gazing up at the moon alone
Pray the love I feel come back down
and shine a light where you’re found


A sea of faces pass my eyes
Washing through this weary life
Something tells me wait and feel
The dreams will fade and true that
True that, true that love will be

It’s open season, it’s open doors
Open wounds from the long love wars
But I’ll keep believing that there’s a happy end
A dream a plan a way to mend