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Lisa Koch: Guestbook

Connie Harris

December 5, 2008

I love the look of your new website--well, new to me. I think it's as bold and beautiful as you are! Congrats to you and Lynn on getting "hitched". Looking forward to your next gig in the SF Bay area. Would love to see your Christmas show in Seattle, but it's as cold there as a witches . . . broomstick. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Kristina Mullett

December 4, 2008

lisa i want the video i had the vhs but dont know where it has gotten to .it was dos fallopia with you and peggy .is tt available in dvd or still out there

Sylvia Yeager

November 12, 2008

I sing with Desert Voices in Tucson, AZ and would like to contact you about getting the rights to one of your songs to perform in our February show.
Met you in Tucson after "Dirty Blonde", and also in Palm Springs 2 years ago. Please contact Sylvia or Becky @ 520-319-9830 or e mail listed.

Karen McKee

November 11, 2008

DAMN YOU LISA! Every time I listen to Middle Aged Woman, I relate to another thing you sing about in it. Just ordered your "hoodie" to keep me warm this winter in the 'burgh! Come back to perform/visit soon, we miss you! Glad you're doing well and congrats on the BIG 5-0 and your wedding! Cool! XO, Karen

Barbara Brooks and Laura Milner

November 8, 2008

Hey Lisa good seeing and talking to you please let us know about happenings in Seattle we will shoot over from Ellensburg

Judi Haberkorn

October 26, 2008

Dear Lisa:

It's been a few years since I have seen you live, but I just wanted to let you know that you continue to bring such joy to my life! I broke out one of your albums tonight and laughed till I cried.
Thanks for your gift...

William Pratt

October 20, 2008

Thanks for all the great songs. I think you have a great voice. As an entertainer, your tops! Thanks again.


September 28, 2008


Barb/Liz/Evelyn and Sybil

September 12, 2008

We just heard your music and we love your song Middle Aged Woman. We're much older than middle age, but we want to tell you that your lyrics are hysterical. We just got together for our monthly luncheon. Liz spilled the wine.
We think your a riot. Barb


August 28, 2008

Thank You !!

Chris & Rosi

August 3, 2008

Dear Lisa,
Thank you for helping me start my collection of Lisa Koch CDs on Olivia's trip to Provence and Burgundy II. Please give your mom a big kiss from me (I hope she remembers me...). She is really special and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her on the cruise.


July 30, 2008

Just bought your CD.
Looking forward to hearing what my friend Cindy
White (from the cruise) is raving about.

Rebekah Freeman

July 29, 2008


Last year you so graciously sent me the sheet music for "Middle-aged Woman" and I sang it for about 30 "middle-aged" people at my home. Several women were laughing so hard they had to run to use the bathroom when I was done!! And, of course, their husbands were all laughing too! Everyone wanted to know where I got the song from, so I gave them your website and let them listen to some of your CD........hopefully they ended by buying one later!

You are so talented and such a joy to listen to.......My husband and I would love to see you in concert one of these days......Are you ever going to get to the SF/ Sacramento area?


Becky F.-- another milstone birthday girl (50)

Curt Bazemore

June 20, 2008

Hi Lisa,

You don't know me but according to Google you know an old and dear friend of mine Robin Borthwick. Robin and I played together in Houston for several years and kept in touch long after. One day her emails started bouncing back and I called to find her phone disconnected. I would love to find her and catch up. You don't know me so I won't ask for information, however if you have the ability to get in touch with her I would truly appreciate it if you would 1) let her know that I miss her and would love to catch up, 2) that I moved to Colorado and 3)my daughter is official taller than she is. Thank you for your consideration.



June 16, 2008

Saw you, Dana and Julie in VA last week. Packed house, made me hopeful. I remember when artists like Meg Christian and Cris Williamson played in coffeehouses to 20 or 30 of us. BTW, do you ever sing any of their stuff? Your voice is wonderful, plus I'll bet you'd do a whale of a job with "Ode to a Gym Teacher!"

June 7, 2008

I LOVED the song!"Middle Aged WOman"- are you ever in the New YOrk area? You might want to get booked at a place called Bodles in Chester, NY- I'd bet you'd gte a crowd there. Its called Bodel Opera house- over an hour north of nyc-
good luck- you're great!
Melinda B.- a fellow middle aged woman who plays guitar


May 27, 2008

I love that song! I mimick it almost every night. I can relate, because I am a middle aged woman. Hilarious!

Carolyn Fitzwater and Lee Cook, Damascus, Or

May 26, 2008

Hi Lisa, we are soooooo looking forward to seeing you in Portland, in a couple of weeks with Suede. We have talked and laughed with you so many times on Olivia trips, you even let us share a cab with you and your mother, thanks so much for being such a great comedien, musician and person.We will be cheering you on with some other friends you have talked with on trips.

Best Wishes!

Letty Cruz

May 22, 2008

Hey Lisa! OMG, my partner and I saw you, Vickie and Roxanne in FTW ( 5/17)with Open Door Productions. Linda and Chris Mac are great friends of ours. I almost didn't make the show, but I am glad that I did, glad my honey made me go. Your sense of humor had me (us)practically peeing in our pants...WTMI...sorry! You guys inspired me to get back to my own music with a serious and comedic flare. I opened for Ann Reeves moons ago at the theater you played in here. I also was part of a "Night of Diva's" fundraiser for an AIDS agency in town; the head diva was Ruta Lee (major diva pain in the ass, and yeah, she's older than God, but I digress!)

We love the shows that Linda and Mac bring to town! We can't wait for you or your posse to come back to town. I will make damn sure that I volunteer to be ya'll's personal chef for dinner pre-show (uh, yeah, I'm talented...LOL)! Ask your friend Barb Higgbie if she ate well the last time she was in FTW with Cris Williams! Chef Letty treated them like royalty! O.k., now I'm speaking in the 3rd person; I am weirding myself! Take care and many blessing to you, family, and friends!

Sharon Smith

April 30, 2008

From one president to another, it was an honor and a privilege to have you visit us "Lesbonese" in St. Louis this past weekend. While it was odd to have the president with us, it was quite thrilling to have you be a part of CHARIS' special 15th anniversary concert on therapy. The comments from our audiences included comments about how much they enjoyed your comedy and music mixed into the show. I must say I am enjoying the memories quite a lot. Thanks for being with us. I hope we do it again sometime.


April 26, 2008


You were both hilarious and entertaining this evening in St. Louis with Charis. I like the way you mix music and comedy. I bought your latest CD and will continue to enjoy your music. Thanks for visiting St. Louis.


Tricia de la Bretonne

April 26, 2008

Lisa Lisa! You are the best! Hey I just saw the blip in April's New Yorker for the Off Broadway show! Congratulation! Wow! I haven't seen you for a long time(I don't get out much)but I remember some things from the old days, you recording in the basement,"You Make My Pants Pound" etc. One day I'll leave the house and come see you perform.


fomerly of Steve, Tricia and Nicholas

Nancy Rosman

April 25, 2008

My husband sent me "Middle Aged Woman" on email, and I keep it there so I can play it at least once a week, usually once a day. I laugh out loud every time. You really nailed it. Even though I'm actually (hmm, cough cough)officially PAST "middle age" at 64, and those nasty flashes are distant memories, they aren't THAT distant, and the song is perfect. I've sent it to everyone I know who would appreciate it, and I hope you come to Philadelphia sometime in the near future. I'm dying to see you perform. Thanks for the best belly laughs I've had in years.

Karen Syverson

April 13, 2008

I have to agree with John C. As a (rusty) guitar player in a grey haired band (up to forty old women ranging from 60-80), I would LOVE to sit for an hour or two and jam. Love your voice, love your guitar, love your talent and love that you share your music with the world. Thanks.
Karen (and the Band played on)

Judy Walther

April 13, 2008

We just got back from tha Olivia trip and I bought your new cd Tall Cool Drink" - we LOVE it. It is all great. Wish I'd known about your play before today, it sounds great. Sad we missed it.

Trudy Reece

April 12, 2008

My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed 27 Rue de Fleurus last night. I see a lot of theater in New York and am pretty jaded. I was entertained, enlightened and moved by it. I'll do what I can to spread the word. Thanks, Lisa.

John Caughman

April 10, 2008

Damn, you're BETTER than good !! I like all of your albums (ALL of which there IS no whicher....!) "Back when we had sex" reminded me of something, but I can't remember what it was, now. I'm in the process of taking out a second mortgage, so I can buy MORE of your albums, even though I don't even OWN a pornograph.
JC (not the one of Biblical fame !)

John Caughman

April 7, 2008

Damn, you're good ! May you rot in hell for being so talented ! I absolutely loathe and despise ya' -- but your tunes are GREAT, your approach is very refreshing, and your enthusiasm is catching !!
Wish I had met you (about 30-40 years ago) when I was still an active piano-picker --- we could'a had a ball !!
JC (not the one of Biblical fame !)

Franky Waters

April 4, 2008


Your are fantastic! I love your voice, the music and especially your voice and the words to "Middle Aged Women".

I hope to see you perform once of these days.

All the best to you,
Franky W.

Stacie Horton

April 2, 2008

Looking forward to your St. Louis gig.

Jo Anne Burk

April 1, 2008

You are hysterical!!! Any plans for a show in Seattle/Eastside this year?

March 31, 2008


Sister Mary

March 30, 2008

Lisa...just wanted to thank you for bringing a smile to my face while I work and listen to your hilarious Middle Aged Woman song (it's all good until I 'friggin pee my pants' at work).
Hope you can make it out to beautiful So Cal soon to do a show :)
Love ya, Mary


March 30, 2008

OMG!! I did not know you know me so well!! and we haen't even met!! OMG what a MOVELOUS song,jsut MOVELOUS-I laughed so hard, I wet my pants. THANK YOU for making Middle Age sound sooo funny!!!

Lisa Koch Denmark

March 25, 2008

Hey Lisa!!
It is funny your name is the same as me. I am from Denmark and I will like to here some of your music.
Lisa Koch Roskilde, Denmark

Judy Engel

March 18, 2008

Hey Lisa,
Saw you at the Oregon Cabaret twice and loved your show. You are hillarious and can't wait for your return to Ashland. Just watched "I'm a Middle Aged Woman" which a friend sent. Brought back great memories of your great show. Thanks for the memories.

Summer Hall

March 18, 2008

Lisa, you dont remember me but I worked with Mary Byrne and the National Women's Music Festival and I had the honor of being picked from the audience to be in your skit with Elvira Kurt at the Phoenix Theatre in 99. It was love at first sight. You are by far the funniest, and most talented woman on the circuit. I jump through hoops to see you whenever you perform and you are as sweet as talented. Keep up the good work, you are GREAT!!!!

Terry Hald Mettler

March 16, 2008

Lisa, this is your past speaking! Not sure if you remember me but I also had a sister, Tammy at Ashland High. You were a year younger than moi....Someone just sent me your Middle Age Woman song in one of those forwards you get every once in a while. I almost fell off of my chair. What a great surprise. It was sent by some friends that lived with us at my Mom and Dad's house in Ashland while we were growing up. They were student teachers at Walker with your dad. Anyway, what a small world! I just remember both you and David were so talented in music and drama, not the least likely as very personable. Anyway, glad to see you are following your dreams and passion. Your pics look like life has agreed with you.... Take Care and keep it coming! Love your songs!


March 15, 2008

What a HOOT!!! I laughed iout several times during the song! Way to go, girl!! Keep the great sense of humor!!


March 15, 2008

wow you are hilarious i never heard anything more funny than "Middle Aged Woman"


March 7, 2008

Hi Lisa, We cracked up at the "Middle Aged Woman" song. We own the Forney Opry and if you are ever in the Dallas area, please let us know. You are a hoot. Best wishes and continue blessing people with your talent. You can visit us at Bless you!


February 29, 2008

Loved and watched the 2 funny videos, "Middle aged woman". I lmho! (laffed my head off)!
Also sent to my daughter-whos mid age- i hope it was sent out, cuz she'll get a kick out of it also -lol
Thanks for the laffs- i needed it!
p.s. A friend sent me 1 of the videos in a link-lol

Kathy Rewa

February 24, 2008

LOVED your video on being a middle aged woman! I happen to be teaching hormone balance seminars at local churches - is there any way I could obtain a copy (giving you full credit, of course) to open my talks with? Hot flashes and wrinkles are about as funny as it gets - helps us to keep things in perspective when it really does affect so many! Appreciate your input.


February 23, 2008

Lisa, a friend sent me the link to your performance and I don't think I've ever heard anything so funny.........FANTASTIC!!! I, too, am a middle-aged woman and can relate to just about everything in your song. Do you ever come to the Northeast? Vermont in particular.......or I'd even travel to Mass, or Connecticut if you were going to be there.........I've sent your link to loads of other people and I know it'll make their are so talented and a beautiful woman..........all the best to you, Lisa........

Sharon Kinman

February 23, 2008

Recently heard the song Middle aged Woman, of which I am one! Plan to do an act at our Moose Lodge and your song will be a smash!Keep up the good work for us old gals!!You go girl!

Helen Tapick

February 19, 2008

I saw your "Middle Aged Woman" on Facebook this morning. I'm still laughing. I'm planning to send it to my daughter who's REALLY a middle aged woman, though I doubt she'll enjoy it as much as I. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

Alison Hargreaves

February 18, 2008

It would be great if you could tour the Uk - you'd go down a storm! :)

Dorrie Ritchie

February 16, 2008

Your middle aged woman song was sent to me via email and is the first I am hearing of you.....
Keep on keepin on' Impressive, creative, and I love your voice.

Becky Greene

February 9, 2008

You take me there...when I have to go! Yes...middle age and no where to go! Bec

Jane Grosskurth

February 9, 2008

Someone just sent me a emai with you song "I'm a Middle Age Woman". It was just what I needed to lighten up my evening. You are brilliant.

Nessa Mae

February 6, 2008

I could listen to you all day...and laugh....You could sing the phone book and it would sound great....
Do you perform live???? and where???? I am the Queen of a Red Hat Chapter, and they sure should know about you....Keep having fun....


January 14, 2008

OH MY GOD! I just saw you at the Rialto in Loveland,Colorado. All the comedians were hilarious but you made me laugh the hardest! Sad to say I was not familiar with your work but I am now and a very big fan! Can't wait to see more of your comedy! I bought your CD- "tall drink of water" which you were kind enough to autograph. I cranked it up and listened while I cleaned the house! most fun I ever had cleaning the house.
P.S. thanks for the lap dance!

P.S.S.- Loveland Colorado is famous for sending out valentine cards with their postmark. Check it out for your girlfriend!


January 13, 2008

Good, good, GOOD!! So glad you entered those new character shots!!

Linda and Dave Langrock

January 12, 2008

Hi Lisa, Hubby and I met your Mom and Dad on a cruise, they told me about your website. I finally got around to checkin it out and we were very impressed. So glad to meet you. Keep it up. We ordered a CD and can't wait to listen and laugh. Please tell your folks hello, hope they are well and ask them if they remember us. bye

Rose P

January 6, 2008

A friend from Michigan sent my partner and I your weblink. We have had a wonderful morning listening to your clips. I am ordering ALL of your CD's! This was the most fun we've had in a long time! We hope to see you in Rehobothe or the Birchmere!

Rose & Mo

Gretchen H.

January 4, 2008

My daughter (Robin) and I were fortunate to have front row seats at the last Ham for 'ze Holidays of 2007! You guys are a riot. The show was absolutely hysterical. Thanks to all of you for sharing your great and glorious gifts with us. Still laughing when I think of it...
Gretchen H.
Edmonds, WA


January 2, 2008

Hello Lisa!
I was fortunate to attend the 12/29 Ham show. I had not laugh so hard in years. I had so many tears in my eyes, I probably missed some very important gags and japes. As someone who enjoys irreverent and off- beat comedy, (Firesign Theater, Monty Python, Laurie and Fry, The Goon Show, and the immortal (but dead) Steve Allen) you and Peggy were simply great.

How about coming to Spokane? It's a city that could use a little gaying up! I am sure you and Peggy could turn Spokanistan on it's ear and spank it good!!

Cheers and laughs,

John H.
Kettle Falls, WA

Paula Dietsche

December 24, 2007

Hi Lisa,
I attended your Dec 1st Ham show, and had a great time . Let me know if you ever go to the Midwest, as I am moving there. You are the greatest .
Your biggest fan

Andy Weis

December 19, 2007

Lisa, YOU TOTALLY HAVE IT GOIN ON! Thanks for YOU! Come to Monterey, Ca sometime....your show would not only sell here, but I KNOW you want to come to Monterey? Oh, and...if ya ever need a drummer...give me a call.


December 17, 2007

You're talent is one of a kind, and incredibly funny for all ages to relate! My girlfriends mom is 67 and she loved "middle aged woman" and "back when we had sex". She printed the words!
We are coming to HAM for the Holidays for our first time.
Thanks for reminding al of us to laugh!


December 17, 2007

I found this site after I had heard the song "Middle Aged Woman. I was laughing so hard, yes, I peed my pants. LOL! This is my favorite song...You are one funny lady! Thinks so much for extoling the *virtues* of REALLY is like that!!!!!!
Susi Slicker-Nemeth


December 15, 2007

Yep, the song pretty much covers it!! Thanks!


December 7, 2007

You need to play at the Ram's Head Tavern in Annapolis MD!!! I would bring all my middle aged friends to see you! You would be a smash!

Bobby Slobby

December 5, 2007

This year I swear I'll come to Ham, even if I have to drag another guy with me. I've been telling Sue about it for years & suggesting that she come get together with Marla :-) & Melinda for a reunion & perhaps the first live performance of "EJS Superstar" in 35 years, but she's such the busy executive/mother these days (in Shanghai; next India?).
Hi Julie Boozer.


November 22, 2007

Happy Holidays Lisa, to you and yours, Love,Shawn
My friend Judy and I would love to come and see your show 'Ham...' but our work will not allow, so you 'Break a leg' and do the great job you do...people need a good laugh and you give it to them!!!!! Stay warm, Shawn

Robin Borthwick

November 16, 2007

Hey, Lisa! We need you here in Houston. Please come and spread your middle-aged love and laughter and song throughout our gracefully aging community. We all used to laugh at the 'old ones' at the we are them. Love your new CD...oh dear, and how I can relate! Another forever fan and middle-aged musician. Keep 'em rollin'!


November 10, 2007

Dear Lisa,
I wrote to you yesterday-lost it. Anyway- Mex. riv. YOU FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Olivia-Fantastic, JUDY-fantastic, you were just great Lisa!
Love you, Shawn

Dean S. Morin

November 6, 2007

Lisa, You stayed in Show Biz!
Good Job.
God Love ya!

ps: You look fantastic.


October 31, 2007

Hey Lisa!
Another vote for you to come to the Bay Area!! I'm your Oakland stalker! You mentioned something maybe in March with Barbara Higbie?? Do we really have to wait that long? You were GREAT as always! The newbies I brought along have not stopped raving about you. We may be making a road trip to Seattle to see you in Hams, since March is an awfully long wait!!
Dar and Peggy too


October 29, 2007

Hey Lisa!
My partner and I had the extreme pleasure of seeing you perform on the Olivia Mexican Riviera cruise and we are still laughing!! Omigod - you are so funny and talented!!! Your songs are right on the money (especially, I'm a Middle-Aged Woman). We live in the Bay area too and would love to see your show here (as I'm sure many others would). Think about it - OK?!!

Best wishes always,
Jan & Nancy


October 28, 2007

Lisa - my partner and I just returned from the Olivia cruise. You were amazing! Thank you, thank you for the great laughs. Look forward to seeing you again sometime. Will you ever come to the bay area? We live in San Francisco and would love to see you.


October 28, 2007

Hey Lisa! Loved you in Indy at the Phoenix! Wish you'd come back more often!
Are you going on the Cruise for a Cause Olivia cruise? -- Next March 30 to April?

Phyllis Denison

October 25, 2007

I had the wonderful opportunity of starting my day on Mon by hearing your recording, "I'm A Middle Aged Woman", played here in Tucson on KIIM FM! After practically falling down and peeing my pants, I emailed Shannon of "Max, Shannon and the Pork Chop" morning show and she directed me to this website.
OMG!!! However, I am a Post Menopausal Woman and lemme tell ya, it don't get no better!!!!! But - being vertical and verbal every day is better than the eventual alternative.

Dianne Davidson

October 22, 2007

OK, I think it is unfair that you are as talented, genuninely nice and young-looking as you are and you STILL get the AARP discount. We miss you - celebrate Olivia's birthday for us.

Gail McDonald

October 19, 2007

When are you coming to New York?

Mary Murphy

October 9, 2007

Hey Lisa - just tuning in to you. Pretty funny material. I think your hysterical - which is a good thing. DJ in Philly, PA - "John DeBella" has played your "Middle-Aged Woman" song on the air and I'm so glad that he did. He turned me on to you. Definitely ordering your new CD. Keep the laughs coming and someday I hope you get to this part of the USofA (Philly, PA) - I promise I'll be the 1st ion line for tickets. Thanks for your awesome humor. The world needs more people like you.

debra kosh

October 3, 2007

I loved your cd good job!!!!!!


September 23, 2007

I just heard the middle aged song and just wanted to thank you for the biggest laugh i have had in a long time!

Leigh Ann

February 10, 2007

I recently heard "Middle Aged Woman" and laughed so hard I shot soda out my nose! Our 4 year old loved the spectacle- might be a good party trick. LISA KOCH IS GREAT!!!! I hope she comes to OUR (red) neck of the woods soon! She is right up there with Weird Al- great vocals, hilarious lyrics!!! :-)

Betsy Goldbach

January 24, 2007

enjoyed your entertainment on the Hawaiian Olivia cruise in Nov. Remember the blonde girl with the black cowboy hat? Have been listening to your "Both of Me" CD great ...especially the first song!


Sherry Wimber

September 10, 2007

Me and my 50's something year old girlfriends got together this weekend and one of them introduced the "song" to us. We wore out the cd!! Noone knew who the artist was, however. But, I do now and can't wait to pass the info one. You are great. Treat us to more great songs/laughs.

Gail Bush

September 7, 2007

Listening to your song made it fun to be a "middle-aged Woman!"

Sharon Odom

September 5, 2007

Lisa, How did you get into the comedy business? I've always had a dream to be a comedian! I listened to your "Middle Aged Woman" song and did "pee my frickin' pants"! I've also thought about taking a cruise with Olivia. Hope I'll get to see you perform if I do ! Wishing you well in your career as a singer/songwriter/comedian! Best Wishes, Sharon Odom

Carol Curtis

September 2, 2007

Wow, Lisa!! I just debuted your song, Middle Aged Woman, last night at The Inn at the Park, where I play on Saturday nights. To be honest, I had received it in an email, and didn't know who had written it. (Ain't Google grand?) What a rousing reception it received!!! At 54, I put alot of passion into it...
You MUST come to San Diego!! I have grandkids in Seattle, but can't get up there often enough. If I could scope out some venues for you down here, I'd love to help. You're Ab Fab!!
Your Newest Adoring Fan, Carol Curtis

Sarah Livingston

August 26, 2007

Loved seeing "Desperate Spudwives" at the Phoenix Theater in Indianapolis. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come back more often!

Fraqn Wood

August 24, 2007

my friendin Ohio emailed me the song Middle aged Woman II and I saved it so my husband could listen to it also. I sat and watched as he put on the headset and chuckeled to himself. When he took off the headset I said it's me isn't it. He said it sure is,to the tee. Now I wonder is there a Middle aged WOMAN 1? IF THERE IS i'D LOVE TO HEAR IT!


August 23, 2007


angel mcandrew

August 20, 2007



August 12, 2007

Got to you, Love you, love all of you and your gift(s)***************


August 8, 2007

Middle Aged Woman must have been written just for me. It was filled with humor and truth!!Thanks for
putting it into song! It makes it all better now!! LOL!!!!!


August 8, 2007

Hey Lisa-
You might want to re-think the Britney Spears thing...


August 7, 2007

Love some of the songs...great humor and it really cheered me up! Thanks for reminding me that laughter is the best medicine. 8-)


August 6, 2007


Thanks for doing a song on memopaus and being middle aged... You nailed it about how it is for us at are middle aged!!!!

August 3, 2007

Lisa - I'm not a member of "the community" but I saw you at the Kimo Theatre in Albuquerque last month and I am still laughing and crying. You are so funny and so talented and you sing like an angel. If you come back here to perform, I want to bring my boyfriend and kids. You are fabulous. Put me on your where-I'm-going-to-be-next list.

Thanks, Anita

Val Patrick

August 3, 2007

Nice music! WOW


August 3, 2007

with all your exotic tour bookings, why not add minneapolis? just listened to your song about me and a dozen or so other maw. thanks for the laughs. hope to see you in minneapolis - anytime but winter. middle age is bad enough without becoming freeze dried, too.

middle aged woman!

August 3, 2007

thank you for singing about HOW IT REALLY IS! :)

Sue Chilton

August 1, 2007

Your song Middle aged woman, yep that is me.
Thanks for bringing us some sanity to this insane world.

From one recycled teenager to another


July 29, 2007

I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places, (OLIVIA turns '35 yrs. old in '08!!!)-( but
,I'll be on the '100th with YOU and LiLy T.!!!!!!!! ) I must calm myself often regarding the antisipation of it all--Lisa you have your own 'planet(lisa)' and Olivia is 'our' planet away from, you know......
Love you, Shawn
(sure hope you bring lots of your CD's on board ship!)

Hope Maxwell

July 27, 2007

Can't wait to see you in October! You complete the cruise experience with your comedy. Love you lots.
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